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A dataviz platform to design, automate and share data-rich, beautiful & on-brand
The hero image visualizing the Datylon Reporting platform abstractly.
The image next to the 'Inspire action through design' paragraph, showing a beautiful chart designed with Datylon for Illustrator, visible in the Datylon platform, where different parts of the charts are being styled, such as font, color of the background, labels are being added, and the main chart is a heatmap. The panel shows different types of charts that can be added.


Inspire action through design

The power of design lies in its ability to capture attention, evoke emotion, and inspire action. Datylon offers robust tools that can transform your numbers into visually stunning, compelling, and truly engaging data stories.


The image next to the 'Optimize production workflow' paragraph with a chart designed with Datylon visible in the platform and the data manager next to it, visualizing how one can easily update the data with just one click.


Optimize production workflow

Collaborate on creating charts, reports, presentations, or even dashboards. Save time and ensure consistency in your design.
Work with new data, and generate up-to-date reports and visualizations at the click of a button, maximizing your team's productivity.

A report designed with Datylon for Illustrator seen in the Datylon Reporting Studio where it can be downloaded from. The image shows an example of a PDF download of the report and below, an embedding code.


Drive informed decision-making

Datylon's tools empower you to communicate data insights and engage your audience. Share your data stories, without limitations. Exploit the full potential of Datylon and streamline or automate the dissemination of your reports.

Elevate your data storytelling

Maximize the impact of your data communication with Datylon's powerful design tools, optimized report production workflow, and flexible sharing options.

6 reasons to use Datylon for your reporting needs

Although there are certainly more reasons to choose Datylon, these six stand out and are highly valued by our users.
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Create visually stunning reports

With Datylon, you can style data visualizations down to the smallest detail, ensuring that your reports are informative, visually stunning,
and on-brand.

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Keep control of your designs

Easily modify report templates and adapt to newer brand guidelines and requirements, maintaining control over your projects and designs for consistency across all reports.

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Work with complex data

Datylon makes it easy to add complex data to your reports, even if they're hundreds of pages long with many charts. It takes just one click to get a new version.

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Save time & money

Streamline and automate your report creation with Datylon to generate up-to-date reports and visualizations quickly and efficiently.
This cost-effective solution can help you save valuable time and resources.

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Stay in Adobe CC

Report designers who prefer Adobe software can use Datylon to continue their work
in the trusted Adobe ecosystem.
With our plug-in for Adobe Illustrator®,
no other external software is needed.

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Scale up & grow

There are no limits to the volume or frequency of your reports. Our scalable solution helps you optimize the report creation process and ensure consistency, no matter how large your reporting needs grow.

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Don't take our word for it

See how Datylon has changed our users' designing & reporting processes.

Create impactful data stories

Turn your data into stunning stories that captivate your audience with Datylon's powerful tools for the design, production, and sharing of data visualizations.