Why Datylon

From data to change

What we believe

By bringing insights to light, making the facts clear and communicating effectively with data, we will bring about change.
Change with more people following and engaging with the data conversations.
Change with optimization and efficiency.
Change with more informed audiences no matter what their job, status or background may be.
Good can come when more people simply understand - from data to change.
what we are about

What we're about

Humans tell stories. It’s what we do. It’s what makes us different. It’s a fact.
Another fact? We now live in a world where the story that often needs to be told exists within the numbers, within the increasing amount of data that surrounds us.
Our goal is to build a platform to help you share your insights and tell data stories. We want to help put information into circulation so that more people can decipher what the data shows.
On our cloud-based platform people can collaborate, become inspired and increase their data literacy by engaging with data stories of different kinds.
Communicating data insights is no longer the responsibility of the analyst alone, nor should data insights ever be deprived of beautiful design.
We want Datylon to be the first word you think of when you want to share or find data insights and when you’re working on your own ‘data stories’.

Our team

Datylon is a fast growing team of dataviz evangelists. With two working locations in western and eastern Europe, the team is hands-on and focused, combining a startup DNA with tons of practical nous and experience in building cutting edge software and SaaS solutions.
At its core, Datylon is about empowering people with the information they need to make decisions and take action. As we’re on the forefront of dataviz we invest in experimenting and learning new tools, frameworks and concepts. We are always exploring and open to new and better ways of working.
Visualizing data helps to understand the why

Why dataviz?

Laying data out visually (or anything else for that matter), is not only more beautiful, but also more effective!
We are visual beings, so when something is inspiring to engage with, we find it easier to understand, comprehend and recall the information. And when we engage we begin to discover patterns, trends and correlations which may have otherwise been challenging in many ways to see.
Visualizing data means that you don’t just understand what’s happening, you can start to understand the all-important why.
If this all sounds just as interesting as we find it, then read our blogs and sign up to our newsletter to keep your dataviz hunger sufficiently fed.


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