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Datylon for Illustrator

Finally, advanced data visualization right within Adobe® Illustrator®! Boost your charting power and uplift your productivity.

Advanced data visualization right within Adobe Illustrator
Datylon + Illustrator

Best of both worlds

Build a stunning chart with the Datylon plugin, add annotations, titles or any illustration using Adobe’s most powerful drawing tools. Place multiple charts on a single art-board to create captivating data stories and export them to the Datylon web app as templates.

Together, Datylon and Illustrator give you a superb color toolbox

Superb color toolbox

Create and use your own custom color palettes. Save time and use Illustrator's global colors feature to color multiple Datylon charts at once. For multi purpose jobs including print output, CMYK color mode and spot colors will uplift your productivity and make your live much easier.

Work seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps

Hook in on Adobe Creative Cloud

Work seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps like InDesign and After Effects. For extensive paginated reports, import your Datylon charts in Indesign while keeping those charts up to date in Illustrator. Import Illustrator files with Datylon charts in After Effects and create animated charts in minutes. 

Combine charts easily

Two is better than one

Datylon charts can be combined with each other in Illustrator to create new exciting variants. These charts can be driven by one single workbook allowing to update the charts with just one click.

Datylon charts scale in a smart way

Smart scaling

A simple but huge time saver is the scaling behavior of Datylon charts. Changing the size of the chart does keep all relevant properties intact like font and label sizes or line widths. This means charts can easily be repurposed to fit in another layout or output channel without redrawing.

Datylon inside

Use all renowed Datylon charting features in Datylon for Illustrator.

Chart library

Jumpstart from one of our 120+ chart templates and express exactly the message you want to bring across.

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Advanced styling 

Enjoy full freedom of design with our advanced styling options. Tweak all chart elements to perfection and stay on-brand.

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Save time and re-use or re-purpose charts with new data. Discover how charts adapt automatically in a smart way. 

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Data management

Import, update, store and manipulate the data in an organized way speeding up the chart design process.

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Data-driven styling

Apply color and style properties automatically based on data. Speed up production and let the data talk.          

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Export & publish

Use your charts in other applications and channels. Easily share and improve the impact of your communication.

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Supercharge your chart designs

Create a Datylon account and get started online or download a 14-day trial version of Datylon for Illustrator. Connect with a Datylon expert for a free demo session. 

Get inspired

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, infographics and presentation slides to give you a taste of what Datylon can do for you. 


Does Datylon for Illustrator contain all features?

All the Datylon charting tools are available in Datylon for Illustrator. To use the share features e.g. posting on social media, you can export your design from Illustrator to the Datylon online platform. 

What are the system requirements?

In short, if you run Adobe CC 2021 (25.x), you're safe. Otherwise, find more info here.

Is there a free version of Datylon for Illustrator?

You can try Datylon for Illustrator for 14 days. After that trial period, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. Or you are welcome to use our free Datylon online chart maker here. See also more info on our pricing page. 

How can I buy Datylon for Illustrator?

Create a Datylon account by clicking on one of the "Get started" or "Try it out" buttons on our website. Once signed in, click "Buy now".  Find more info about the different pricing plans in our pricing page.