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Maintain Flawless ESG Reporting While Automating Workflows. Scale Your ESG Reporting Services with Automated Publishing.

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Trusted by companies and organizations worldwide

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Design on-brand ESG report templates

Datylon empowers you to design stunning, on-brand ESG reports with our intuitive Adobe Illustrator plug-in. Seamlessly upload them to our online Datylon Report Studio for a unified workflow. Empower your clients with captivating and insightful reports that drive clear comprehension and deeper analysis of their ESG performance.

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Adding Context to ESG Data
the power of annotations:

Turn complex data into captivating stories with Datylon. Craft engaging data narratives for your ESG reports, providing relatable context for a broader audience. Build custom templates in minutes that seamlessly integrate with our online Datylon Report Studio. The result? Client-centric reports that not only look amazing but also deliver clear insights and drive deeper analysis of their ESG performance. 

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Efficient collaboration
for iterative Report design

Streamline your ESG reporting workflow with seamless collaboration. Datylon fosters teamwork between consultants, data analysts, and designers on a single platform. Effortlessly update and share reports with fresh data, all while enabling iterative design improvements without any coding required. This translates to faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and a more cohesive final product for your clients.

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Streamline ESG Reporting: Deliver Faster, More Affordable Insights.

Datylon's automation streamlines the ESG reporting process, eliminating manual tasks and automating workflows. This translates to faster turnaround times and significant cost savings for your business. Empower your clients to consistently deliver valuable ESG data insights to investors and stakeholders, with increased efficiency and reduced financial burden.

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Embedding your ESG report

Offer your clients ultimate flexibility in ESG reporting delivery. Seamlessly integrate ESG reports directly into their existing software for a unified user experience. Alternatively, leverage Datylon Report Server as a powerful standalone solution. Both options ensure automated report delivery, streamlining the process for you and keeping your clients' audiences informed with the latest ESG data.

Discover the full potential
of your ESG data

Datylon enables you to effectively showcase your ESG data, capturing the attention of investors and stakeholders
while providing informative and persuasive insights.

3 reasons to use Datylon for your ESG reporting

 Learn more about the benefits Datylon offers for agencies like yours, and see how it can elevate your service offerings and client satisfaction.

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Create informative reports

With Datylon, you can style data visualizations down to the smallest detail, ensuring that your reports are informative, visually stunning,
and on-brand.

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Keep control of your reports

Easily modify ESG report templates and
respond to shifting requirements and
emphasize the aspects that matter most to
your organization or stakeholders.

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Deliver timely insights

Automated ESG reporting enables prompt
report generation and delivery, providing
stakeholders with up-to-date information
for timely decision-making

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ESG reporting inspiration

Looking for inspiration to get started? Browse through our Inspiration gallery of
report ideas and templates. Easily download the design and even edit it in Illustrator.
Or reach out to us, and our creative partners will be happy to assist you.

What is ESG reporting?

In today's world, businesses are increasingly held accountable for their impact on the environment, their social responsibility practices, and their corporate governance structures. This is where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting comes in.


Environmental aspect

Covers a company's impact on the planet, including energy use, waste management, pollution control, and climate change strategies. Forward-thinking companies are transitioning to sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint and ensure long-term resource availability.


Social aspect

This aspect focuses on a company's relationship with its workforce, community, and stakeholders. It encompasses employee relations, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, responsible sourcing practices, and community engagement. Strong social practices contribute to a positive work environment, a loyal customer base, and an enhanced brand reputation.


Governance aspect

This pillar delves into a company's leadership and ethical practices.It includes aspects like board structure, executive compensation, risk management strategies, and adherence to regulations. Transparent and ethical governance fosters trust with investors and stakeholders, promoting long-term stability.

Why does ESG reporting matter?

There are numerous compelling reasons for businesses to embrace ESG reporting:


Attract Sustainability-Minded Investors

Investors are increasingly prioritizing companies with strong ESG performance. ESG reporting demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, making you a more attractive investment proposition.


Enhance Brand Reputation
and Stakeholder Trust

Consumers and stakeholders are demanding transparency from businesses. ESG reporting allows you to showcase your sustainability efforts, building trust and loyalty.


Identify and Manage
ESG-Related Risks

Proactive ESG reporting helps you identify potential environmental, social, and governance issues before they escalate into costly problems.


Benchmark Performance
and Track Progress

By tracking ESG metrics over time, you can measure your progress towards sustainability goals and compare yourself to industry leaders, identifying areas for improvement.


Align with
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements around ESG disclosure are evolving. ESG reporting ensures you stay compliant with current and upcoming regulations.

What others say about Datylon

What makes Datylon so great for ESG Reporting? Users from different industries and countries share how Datylon meets their data visualization & reporting needs.

Good to know (FAQ)

Here are a few important things to note about ESG reporting with Datylon.
If you still have questions, you can check out our Help Center.
What Datylon solution ESG reporting is based on?

ESG report generation works based on the Datylon Report Server solution. The Datylon Report Server is a platform that allows organizations to automate the production of charts, pages or complete reports based on graphically rich and on-brand templates created with Datylon for Illustrator.

What is the flow of creating an ESG report using Datylon?

The first step is creating templates using Datylon for the Illustrator plugin. It provides the all power of Illustrator combined with the extensive chart styling possibilities of Datylon.

The second step is exporting templates to Report Studio.

The third step is providing data to our Render Server via a custom service or application. 

After everything is set up the Render Server is ready to generate your report.

We don't have a developer in our team to set up the automatic workflow. Can your team help us?

Absolutely! We offer a range of workflow options tailored to your needs. From semi-automatic options, which allow for manual data updates, to fully customized solutions, expertly managed from start to finish by our dedicated team.

We don't have a designer on our team. Can you help us create the fully designed ESG report?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped with experts in graphic design, report creation, and data visualization design, ready to assist in crafting the complete design of your report and selecting the perfect visuals to effectively communicate your ideas.

Our ESG report is planned to be recurring. Does it mean that we should start from scratch every time?

No! Datylon is perfect for creating recurring reports. Once you created your templates and set up your data transformation flow, there are no limits to creating a multiple version or iterations of your report.

How can we split the work in our team using Datylon for optimizing the ESG report creation flow?

The best workflow is the following. Designers create the layout of the report and data visualizations using Datylon for Illustrator. Then export them as templates to Report Studio.

After the templates are exported to Report Studio, other specialists can update data and adjust the styling of the charts.

Developers and data engineers can set up a data pipeline to deliver the data to the Render Server.

Note that any of these tasks can be also performed on our side.

What about my privacy?

We take data security and privacy issues very seriously. Please check our privacy policy to learn more.

Is my data secure?

We store your data and visualizations in the Illustrator .ai files you edit. Your data and visualizations are not sent over the internet and the .ai file will be the only place where your data and visualizations are stored which means you have full data security control.

We need an internet connection to validate and activate your Datylon for Illustrator license when you start using Datylon for Illustrator for the first time. Thereafter no internet connection is needed anymore and Datylon for Illustrator will function without an internet connection till your license expires after which a new license check over the internet is needed.

If you save your data, charts or designs on Datylon's online dataviz platform, it will belong only to your account and you will have full control over it. We will treat your data as confidential while our system keeps all online user data in secure servers.

If you publish a project on our online dataviz platform, it can be accessed through a direct link with a unique ID. If you want to make sure nobody finds your visualizations, keep them unpublished and download them as PDFs, SVGs or images for private use.