ESG Reporting

Elevate your ESG reports with our
reporting solution and craft visually
captivating and impactful reports.

The visual shows a concept of ESG reporting
The visual shows possibilities of designing and styling report templates

Design on-brand ESG report templates

Elevate your ESG reporting with Datylon. Create custom, on-brand
ESG report templates using our Adobe Illustrator plug-in,
seamlessly upload them to our online Datylon Report Studio.
Empower users with engaging, insightful ESG reports for enhanced
comprehension and analysis.

The visual shows the possibility of adding context of the ESG data via annotations

Adding context to ESG Data
the power of annotations:

Add data narratives to your ESG reports for engaging, relatable
context. Simplify complex metrics, highlighting their significance
and sustainability progress for a broader audience.

The visual shows the concept of collaboration of team members working on ESG report

Efficient collaboration
for iterative report design

Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration among key
stakeholders, such as consultants, data teams, and designers.
allows for the updating and sharing of ESG reports with new data,
while also enabling iterative improvements to the design of the
report without the need for coding

The visual shows the concept of automated update of the ESG report

Cost-effective ESG reporting through automation 

Streamlining ESG reporting through automation offers
cost-effective means for businesses to consistently deliver
valuable ESG data insights to investors and other stakeholders.
Datylon can make this process highly efficient and fully automated.

The visual shows a concept of embedding of ESG report

Embedding your ESG report

Seamlessly integrate ESG reports into your software or utilize
the Datylon Report Server as a standalone automated reporting
solution to streamline ESG data delivery for your audience.

Unlock the full potential
of your ESG data

Datylon enables you to effectively showcase your ESG data, capturing the attention of investors and stakeholders
while providing informative and persuasive insights.

3 reasons to use Datylon for your ESG reporting

Learn more about the benefits of Datylon’s ESG Reporting solution for your business
and how it can streamline your reporting

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Create informative reports

With Datylon, you can style data visualizations down to the smallest detail, ensuring that your reports are informative, visually stunning,
and on-brand.

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Keep control of your reports

Easily modify ESG report templates and
respond to shifting requirements and
emphasize the aspects that matter most to
your organization or stakeholders.

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Deliver timely insights

Automated ESG reporting enables prompt
report generation and delivery, providing
stakeholders with up-to-date information
for timely decision-making

ESG reporting inspiration

Looking for inspiration to get started? Browse through our Inspiration gallery of
report ideas and templates. Easily download the design and even edit it in Illustrator.
Or reach out to us, and our creative partners will be happy to assist you.

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