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A partnership offering custom dataviz solutions

Custom dataviz solutions

Datylon can help you install, configure or integrate one or more modules of our dataviz products in your environment. We also help with training for your business users, designers, or developers. Are you looking for custom charts or report solutions? We're here for you!

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Boost your bespoke enterprise charting workflow

Boost your workflow with our API and SSO

Simplify authentication with single sign-on (SSO). Leverage our API to connect to data and manage assets. Generate charts or reports on the fly or in batch with our Datylon render server. 

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Enterprise chart design in cloud or on-premise

Custom deployment

Use Datylon’s managed service or choose an on-premise deployment to match your most stringent security and compliance requirements. Whatever works best for you!

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Enterprise dataviz 24x7 support

Keep your solution running

Our first priority support with SLAs will keep your chart design and production workflow up and running 24/7.

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Discover our bespoke solutions

We can assist you in defining what the best data visualization set-up will be for you to ensure optimal collaboration between data, design and communication. Let's talk about a custom enterprise solution that fits your needs.

You're in a great company

Businesses and organizations of every size and shape have already trusted Datylon with their enterprise dataviz needs. Learn more below.

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