Datylon Report Server

Automate the production of your periodic & personalized reports.


Design and manage your report templates

Create, or have a designer create, custom data-rich templates with the Datylon plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. On-brand, without creative limitations. Then upload the designs as editable templates to the online Datylon Report Studio.


Collect your data and set up the connection

Collect your data from wherever it is available. Set up the connection with very limited development effort using the simple yet flexible and secure Datylon Report Server API. Or have the Datylon integration team do it for you.


Effortlessly produce charts & reports, over and over again

Once set up, generate a stream of data-driven charts, data stories, or infographics using the templates. Deliver the reports straight to your audience, or publish them online, as PNG, PDF, or SVG

Automate your data-rich report distribution

Becoming data-driven and communicating information is critical for businesses, governments, and NGOs alike. Datylon Report Server helps you boost the creation and dissemination of reports, dashboards, infographics, and data stories.

Cost-effective & scalable

Producing beautiful periodic visualizations manually is time-consuming and expensive. Datylon Report Server will cut your costs and increase productivity. Start small and grow with your needs.

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Your data security is paramount

Datylon Report Server is deployed in the cloud and all your sensitive data and designs are encrypted to always keep them secure. The optional private cloud is also available.

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Set up in no time

Using the Datylon Report Server API, data is sent to the Datylon Report Server as JSON with a simple HTTPS POST request. Options like snippets, visible/invisible chart layers, linked data sources, etc. are at hand to easily automate the production of your reports.

Supercharge your report production workflow

Recurring reports personalized for your target audiences

If you need to frequently create complex, data-rich reports that have to be adapted for different recipients, Datylon Report Server will help you automate this process efficiently. Send out unlimited versions of adapted reports to colleagues, managers, employees, customers, etc.

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You're in the driver's seat

We know how important it is to keep control over the look & feel of your publications. In Datylon Report Studio, you can manage and edit your report templates at any time, without coding.


Embedded or turnkey solution

Seamlessly embed Datylon Report Server in your own application.
Or have our team of developers help you to set up the Datylon Report Server as a stand-alone automated reporting solution.

Report design ideas and templates

Whether you're looking for inspiration or a pre-designed template to get started, we've got you covered. Browse through our Inspiration gallery of reports and data stories templates. Easily download the design and even edit it in Illustrator.

You're in good company

Government & NGO
"For one of our biggest customers, we are using Datylon Reporter Server to generate thousands of dynamic graphs and it works like a charm. The step-up from graph libraries to this product is amazing, thanks to Datylon we can make custom graphs reusable for our customers."

Steven Heijtel, Aubergine IT

Datylon Report Server use cases

Discover why other companies trusted Datylon their reporting needs.
Learn how report automation can drive growth for your business.

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