Datylon for PowerPoint

Create captivating, on-brand reusable charts and reports with the Datylon add-in for PowerPoint.

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Embrace data-driven storytelling

Turn raw data into engaging narratives. Datylon for PowerPoint empowers you to create captivating visual stories that resonate with your audience, making data-driven decisions easier than ever.

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Save time, deliver insights 

Save valuable time by updating all your charts across multiple slides with just a few clicks. Maintain accuracy and consistency, keeping your presentation up-to-date with minimal effort.

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Simplify your reporting workflow

Easily download and collaborate with your designer on pre-designed custom templates for single charts or complete slides, ensuring consistency across slides and presentations.

Unlock the power of data storytelling

Accelerate your data presentations. Visit the marketplace now or book a live demo to experience the future of data visualization in PowerPoint.
Download Datylon for PowerPoint add-in from Microsoft AppSource marketplace

Stunning charts & reports in Microsoft PowerPoint

Unleash your creativity and style charts exactly as you envision. Customize numerous graphic properties to achieve pixel-perfect visualizations tailored to your brand and preferences.


Your data, your style

Present your data with branded charts and reports that resonate with your audience, enhancing your brand's narrative and credibility. Reinforce your message with compelling data-driven stories.


Data visualization made easier

Elevate your presentations with a vast array of 130+ chart types to choose from. Whether it's a simple slide or a comprehensive report, you'll find the perfect visualization to convey your data effectively.

Experience the full potential of Datylon

Discover how our dataviz tools can transform your numbers into visually stunning, compelling, and engaging data stories.

Datylon for Illustrator

Design beautiful charts and report templates right within Adobe Illustrator.

Discover the plug-in

Datylon Report Studio

Produce on-brand, periodic reports based on your pre-designed templates.

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Datylon Report Server

Automate the production of your periodic personalized reports or slides.

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Real testimonials from Datylon enthusiasts

See how our tools helped others to craft striking data visualizations and improve their reporting processes. All reviews come from verified Datylon users.

Create & share impactful data stories

Take your data storytelling to a higher level with Datylon. Our tools help you turn your numbers into stunning and engaging visualizations.

Ready to elevate your PowerPoint decks?

Empower designers, data owners, and business users to collaborate seamlessly, enriching your presentations with fresh, accurate data.
Download Datylon for PowerPoint add-in from Microsoft AppSource marketplace