Datylon Report Studio

Produce on-brand, periodic reports easily and fast.


Design your own on-brand report

Create, or have your designer create a data-rich report template with the Datylon plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. Without creative limitations. Then upload the designs as templates to the online Datylon Report Studio.


Produce a new report in a snap

Make a new report with one click by importing data from a file (.xls, .xlsx and .csv) or link to an online data source (Google Sheets, OneDrive XLS). No coding needed! After that, simply download, embed, or share your new report from the Datylon Report Studio.

Produce beautiful reports, easily.

Datylon Report Studio is an online web application to produce reports based on your on-brand templates. Powerful data management makes the process incredibly quick and easy. Schedule a free demo to learn more!

Keep full control of your design

Maintain total control of the visuals and content of your reports. Use our online chart editor to change or edit the charts used in the templates.

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Enrich your report with beautiful and on-brand data visualization

With a library of 130+ fully customizable chart types, your report can be enriched with captivating data visualizations. And next to charts, your report designs can contain a variety of data-driven infographics, illustrations, and even text nicely laid out.

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Export, publish, embed or share

All reports can be downloaded as PDF, PNG, or SVG. You can also embed them in external apps and websites. Use, publish, or share your reports effectively with your audience, anywhere you want.

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Report design ideas and templates

Looking for inspiration or a pre-designed template to get started? We've got you covered. Browse through our Inspiration gallery of report ideas and templates. Easily download the design and even edit it in Illustrator.

What others say about Datylon

What makes Datylon Report Studio so great? Users from different industries and countries share how Datylon meets their data visualization & reporting needs.

Automate your report production

If the volume or frequency of your reports increases, you can upgrade to Datylon Report Server and automate your report production. Boost productivity and reduce costs without having to redesign your report templates.

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Good to know (FAQ)

Here are a few important things to note about Datylon.
If you still have questions, you can check out our Help Center.
What are the system requirements?

Datylon Reporter Studio is an online web-based platform that can be accessed in the browser. For the best performance, we recommend using Google Chrome (v64 or higher).

Custom report templates with charts can be designed with Datylon for Illustrator, a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. You can find more details here.

Do I need to download Datylon to produce a report?

You only need to download the Datylon for Illustrator plug-in to create custom templates to be used in Datylon Report Studio. Using the templates in Datylon Report Studio is done online and does not require any additional software. 

Can I see how Datylon works? And do you offer training sessions?

You can book a free demo with one of our data visualization experts using this link.

We will be happy to show you our products & services, and figure out together if Datylon can meet your dataviz and reporting requirements and expectations.

There are no strings attached, we will love to have a chat with you!

Does it work in Adobe InDesign?

Datylon Report Studio cannot be used in conjunction with Adobe InDesign. However, charts created in Adobe Illustrator can be placed in Adobe InDesign and updated with the click of a button. Read more here.

Do you support CMYK?

Reports produced with Datylon Report Studio are compatible with the RGB color mode. Datylon for Illustrator on the other hand supports CMYK color mode or spot colors enabling on-brand color consistency.

Are there any report templates available?

The idea of the Datylon Report Studio is that you or your designer make your own, custom, on-brand templates with Datylon for Illustrator plug-in (within Adobe Illustrator).

These report templates can be exported to the Datylon Report Studio and accessed by you or a data provider. Within the Datylon Report Studio, you can use these templates to update them with new data (or even adapt them if needed) and produce periodic versions of the report.

Datylon is not a drag-and-drop type of editor for your report design. However, we do have a collection of report examples that can be edited or downloaded (and modified) to inspire you to create your own report template.

Where can I find more information about Datylon?

In our Help Center, you can find articles and tutorials about most features available in Datylon and how they work.

And if there is a question unanswered, you can just contact us using the chat option available on most pages, by filling out our contact form, or by sending us a mail at

What about my privacy?

We take data security and privacy issues very seriously. Please check our privacy policy to learn more.

Is my data secure?

Any data, charts, or designs stored with the Datylon Report Studio belong only to your account and you will have complete control over it. We will treat your data as confidential while our system keeps all online user data in secure servers.

If you decide to make a project public on our platform by publishing it, it can be accessed through a direct link with a unique ID. Projects that are embedded in other web pages can be viewed by anyone with access to those pages.

If you want to ensure nobody finds your visualizations, keep them unpublished and download them for private use.

Learn here about data protection when using Datylon.