Embedded Reporting

with Datylon Report Server

Seamlessly integrate insightful reporting into your SaaS or enterprise cloud application. Empower users with data visualization and analysis tools, all within your platform.


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Better reporting, less hassle

Datylon Report Server cuts through reporting complexity. Get powerful features up and running fast, freeing your team to analyze data and make smarter decisions. Create clear, impactful reports that drive success.


Save Time, Boost Development

Developing custom reporting functionalities for your SaaS application can be a significant drain on resources, both in terms of time and budget. Datylon Report Server offers a proven solution that can be implemented in a single day, minimizing the impact on your core development team. This frees up valuable resources to focus on what matters most –  building innovative features that drive user value.



Open architecture for tech teams

Datylon Report Server champions an open architecture philosophy, empowering your tech teams to leverage their preferred front-end and back-end technologies. This agnostic approach eliminates limitations and fosters flexibility, allowing seamless integration with your existing tech stack.



Keep your data secure

With security in mind, only report templates are kept in the cloud, and no data nor rendered reports are kept on our servers. This ensures all your sensitive data remains safe.


Highly flexible integration

Datylon's Report Server is API-based and can integrate seamlessly with your software. End-users can instantly access on-demand reports.

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Make an impact with your data

Data insights are valuable. With Datylon, you can help your users understand your data faster and better.

What is embedded reporting?

Embedded reporting for SaaS companies refers to the integration of comprehensive reporting functionalities directly within their software applications. It allows SaaS companies to provide their users with seamless access to sophisticated reporting capabilities without the need for separate tools or platforms.

With embedded reporting, users can generate, customize, and visualize reports within the familiar environment of their SaaS application, eliminating the need for manual data exports and time-consuming integrations.

By embedding reporting features into their software, SaaS companies can offer a complete and cohesive solution that streamlines reporting processes, reduces complexity, and adds value to their application.

Embedded reporting isn't solely about analytics; it's about unlocking the potential of data communication and reporting as a strategic advantage.

Read our developer's guide to creating a powerful reporting rendering system with Datylon Report Server. The complete script is available in a public bitbucket repo. The README information stored in the repository should give you enough information to run the report renderings and play around with it.
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Embedded reporting in practice

Discover how SaaS companies use Datylon to elevate their reporting capabilities. Learn how embedded reporting can become a winning feature of your platform.

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Good to know (FAQ)

Here are a few important things to note about Datylon.
If you still have questions, you can check out our Help Center.
What Daylon solution Embedded reporting is based on?

Embedded reporting works based on the Datylon Report Server solution. The Datylon Report Server is a platform that allows organizations to automate the production of charts, pages or complete reports based on graphically rich and on-brand templates created with Datylon for Illustrator.

What is the flow of creating an Embedded report using Datylon?

The first step is creating templates using Datylon for the Illustrator plugin. It provides the all power of Illustrator combined with the extensive chart styling possibilities of Datylon.

The second step is exporting templates to Report Studio.

The third step is providing data to our Render Server via a custom service or application. 

After everything is set up the Render Server is ready to generate and embed your report.

We don't have a developer in our team to set up the automatic workflow. Can your team help us?

Absolutely! We offer a range of workflow options tailored to your needs. From semi-automatic options, which allow for manual data updates, to fully customized solutions, which are expertly managed from start to finish by our dedicated team.

We don't have a designer on our team. Can you help us create the fully designed Embedded report?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped with experts in graphic design, report creation, and data visualization design, ready to assist in crafting the complete design of your report and selecting the perfect visuals to effectively communicate your ideas.

How can we split the work in our team using Datylon for optimizing the Embedded report creation flow?

The best workflow is the following. Designers create the layout of the report and data visualizations using Datylon for Illustrator. Then export them as templates to Report Studio.

After the templates are exported to Report Studio, other specialists can update data and adjust the styling of the charts.

Developers and data engineers can set up a data pipeline to deliver the data to the Render Server.

Note that any of these tasks can also be performed on our side.

What about my privacy?

We take data security and privacy issues very seriously. Please check our privacy policy to learn more.

Is my data secure?

We store your data and visualizations in the Illustrator .ai files you edit. Your data and visualizations are not sent over the internet and the .ai file will be the only place where your data and visualizations are stored which means you have full data security control.

We need an internet connection to validate and activate your Datylon for Illustrator license when you start using Datylon for Illustrator for the first time. Thereafter no internet connection is needed anymore and Datylon for Illustrator will function without an internet connection till your license expires after which a new license check over the internet is needed.

If you save your data, charts, or designs on Datylon's online dataviz platform, it will belong only to your account and you will have full control over it. We will treat your data as confidential while our system keeps all online user data in secure servers.

If you publish a project on our online dataviz platform, it can be accessed through a direct link with a unique ID. If you want to make sure nobody finds your visualizations, keep them unpublished and download them as PDFs, SVGs, or images for private use.