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Datylon is a scale-up that offers data visualization products & services with a vision to bring about change with data. With our dataviz expertise & solutions, we will improve data communication and empower people to make decisions and take action. 

We have been around for a couple of years, successfully delivering custom digital & dataviz development projects. Now we are at the exciting beginning of launching our self-funded SAAS data-viz platform and chart maker tool for designers, business users, and enterprises worldwide.

Data visualization has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Datylon caught this exciting dataviz wave nearly from the onset. With a team of around 30 (partly remote) experienced software engineers and dataviz experts, we’ve been enjoying building our cutting-edge dataviz products. 

Let’s grow together! We are looking for entrepreneurial, responsible, but also good-natured (young) talents who like to learn fast and grow their careers with us.

More about Datylon and job offers

Meet the Datylon team

We're a team blending startup agility with extensive software expertise, pioneering new tools and techniques at the forefront of data visualization.
Erik Laurijssen | CEO & Co-founder

Erik Laurijssen

CEO & Co-founder

Peter Coppens | CTO & Co-founder

Peter Coppens

CTO & Co-founder

Stijn Simoens | Partner, Customer Success

Stijn Simoens

Partner, Customer Success


Dieuwertje van Dijk

Data Visualization Designer

Datylon team in Minsk, Belarus | Development, QA and Support

Datylon team in Minsk, Belarus

Development, QA, Support

Toon Ketels

Staff Developer



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Datylon was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 2013. Our main offices are located in the heart of Antwerp, as part of the dunden community. We are also lucky to have amazing remote teams in Minsk, Warsaw, Tbilisi & Hanoi.
Datylon HQ | Startup Village, Antwerp, Belgium

Datylon HQ, dunden, Antwerp, Belgium

(© Bart Gosselin Photography)

Datylon Office | Minsk, Belarus

Office in Minsk, Belarus

Open opportunities

We'd love to get to know you. Find a job you love and tell imposter syndrome to take the day off. Look at the open positions below & apply.

Data Visualization Engineer


Full Stack Developer (with front-end focus)


Full Stack Developer (with back-end focus)


Digital Marketeer

Your ideal job is not among the above?

So many great reasons to join Datylon


  1. We’re doers, not tellers – so you can say goodbye to meetings and emails (well, almost).

  2. Flexibility – we know you have a life outside of work, so no need to operate within the rigid 9-5 boundaries.

  3. Inspiring environment – Antwerp’s Startup Village is a thriving hub for entrepreneur endeavours.

  4. You get to sit alongside the seniors, so you can sponge up the knowledge and wisdom ’til your heart’s content.

  5. We have high standards - so you can count on your colleagues being just as smart and driven as you.

  6. There’s tons of inspiration and fresh thinking to feed your dataviz hunger.

  7. We’re growing quickly, so there’s plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with us.

  8. There are no rules. Instead, there’s trust that you will use good judgement and freedom to make a real difference.

  9. It’s okay if you make a mistake - it’s what you learn from it, take with you and improve upon, that’s the most important.

  10. You’ll feel valued – with an employment package that includes healthcare, meal vouchers, and lots of other perks.

  11. Daily lunches and fruit to keep you fuelled, and an office coffee machine if you need fuel of the caffeinated variety.

  12. Exposure to the perfect blend of local and global, big and small – we work on Belgian as well as global companies.

  13. We’re respected by our clients, they value our opinion and their partnership with us.

  14. We act fast, we implement change in scalable manner. Get it live and optimize!

  15. Rooted in democratizing data, you will be working on something that makes a real difference in the world.