Automated Reporting

with Datylon Report Server

Produce beautiful, on-brand and engaging reports that help your customers understand the data.

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Beautiful and engaging reports

Turn your data insights automatically into compelling and impactful reports or data stories using Datylon Report Server. Help your customers easily understand their data and take data-driven action.

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Shorten your production cycle

Build reports and data stories with ease using Datylon for Illustrator. Designers and the team that delivers the data can now easily work together and iterate on reports. Report designs can be updated without code changes and used immediately in Datylon Report Server.

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Less hassle, better reporting

Accelerate the implementation of your reporting needs with minimum effort and reduced complexity. Add value to your reports with engaging data storytelling.


Save time & money

The Datylon Report Server can be set up in as little as a single day. 

Automated reporting is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to provide data insights to their customers repeatedly. With Datylon, this can be done efficiently and in a fully automated way.


Embedded or turnkey solution

Seamlessly embed reports in your own software or application.
Or have our team of developers help you to set up the Datylon Report Server as a stand-alone automated reporting solution.

More about embedded reporting

Maximize the value of your data

Easily harvest the value of your data. With Datylon, you can help your customers understand the data faster and better.

Why automated reporting?

Learn more about the benefits of report automation for your business and how it can streamline your reporting process.

Produce beautiful reports

Use Datylon tools to create visually appealing and engaging reports, enhancing data visualization and making it easier for users to understand and analyze information.


Deliver timely insights

Automated reporting enables prompt report generation and delivery, providing stakeholders with up-to-date information for timely decision-making.


Scale effortlessly

Datylon's automated reporting server can handle large volumes of data and accommodate growing reporting needs as the organization expands.

You're in a good company

Companies and organizations of various industries have already trusted Datylon with their reporting & dataviz needs.
Government & NGO
"For one of our biggest customers, we are using Datylon Reporter Server to generate thousands of dynamic graphs and it works like a charm. The step-up from graph libraries to this product is amazing, thanks to Datylon we can make custom graphs reusable for our customers."

Steven Heijtel, Aubergine IT

Automated reporting in practice

Discover how our customers use Datylon for their reporting needs.
Learn how report automation can drive growth for your business.

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