Datylon Server

Automate the production of charts and reports. Stand-alone or embedded in your application.

Automate the production of charts and reports. Stand-alone or embedded in your application.

Full freedom of design

Combine Datylon Server with Datylon for Illustrator to create graphically rich and on-brand templates for your automated charts or reports. Chart and report templates can be added or edited without restrictions or extra cost. 

A versatile and scalable solution

Save time & money by automating your chart and report production. Use the Datylon Server API to fully automate data uploads and output rendering. The Datylon Server can either be implemented as a stand-alone report automation system or seamlessly embedded in your own application.

Save time and money and improve productivity with Datylon Server

Solving multiple reporting challenges

Suitable for many application areas and reporting objectives 

Becoming more data-driven and putting information into circulation is critical for businesses, governments, and NGOs alike. Datylon Server helps you boost the creation and dissemination of reports, dashboards, survey results, data stories, infographics, or any other data-driven document. Deliver data insights faster and easier and maximize the opportunity for your audience to engage with your data and take action.

Easily produce recurring reports personalized for your target audiences

The manual process of turning data into beautiful visualizations can be expensive, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. With Datylon Server you can automate your charting and reporting workflow and benefit from recurring reports personalized for your target audiences. Datylon Server delivers advanced data visualization capabilities and can work in semi- or fully automated mode. Increase productivity and connect data, manage templates and approvals, generate SVGs, PNGs or PDFs, and download, email or embed the output.

Customer reporting

Customer reporting

Increase customer loyalty by providing customers more insight into usage, billing, or investment performance with personalized dashboards and reports. 

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Financial reporting

Financial reporting

Gain trust by providing better and more frequent information to shareholders and other stakeholders on the financial performance of your company.

Research & data services

Research & data services

Improve the value of your services by developing your capabilities to visualize and deliver detailed, personalized, and up-to-date insights more frequently.

KPI or management reporting

KPI or management reporting

Motivate and guide employees or teams by regular reporting on the status and progression of their key performance indicators. Help managers oversee operational performance. Read more
Systems reporting

Systems reporting

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Embedded reporting for SaaS

Embedded reporting for SaaS

Creating beautiful on-brand charts is costly and time-consuming. Embed Datylon Server and add bespoke dashboards or reporting features seamlessly into your software.

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A flexible setup that fits your needs

The Datylon Server can be set up in different ways depending on your workflow and reporting workload.
Semi-automatic chart and report automation solutionrver solution

Semi-automatic with manual data uploads

In its most basic form, xlsx data files can be uploaded manually with one click updating one or numerous charts in a design. Designs are exported as PNG, SVG or PDF and can be merged into multi-page reports.

This is an extremely cost-effective solution for companies generating static dashboards or smaller periodic reports. Next to that, our dataviz experts are at your service to help you design the most appealing and effective templates.

Fully automatic chart and report automation solution

Fully automatic via API 

In case larger reports or a larger number of charts and dashboards need to be generated more frequently, invoking the Datylon Server REST API is the perfect answer. Chart or report templates can be updated automatically with new data with SVG, PNG or PDF in return.

Our team of dataviz experts can help you customize and set up our solution into a stand-alone automated reporting system, or help you embed it within your own product e.g. a SaaS application or ERP platform. Our powerful but affordable dataviz platform will do the heavy lifting while you can focus on your applications and the design of the output.

Integrate Datylon Server with Adobe Indesign Server to further benefit from automation

Integrate Datylon Server with Adobe InDesign Server

And finally, reach the next level of database publishing with a combination of Datylon Server and Adobe InDesign Server.

This configurable workhorse automates the production of documents where our sophisticated Datylon charts blend in with dynamic layouts, dynamic tables, variable images, and much much more.

Keep your data secure in the cloud or on premise

Keep your data secure at all times

In its standard setup, the Datylon Server is deployed in the cloud, accessible from ‘anywhere’. While this provides a very flexible solution, the Datylon Server can also be installed on-premise when full data security is required.

Such an architecture combines the advantages of secure cloud technologies with the requirement to keep sensitive data, and the templates if needed, behind a corporate firewall at all times.

Do you want to automate your chart and report production?

Talk to one of our solution architects for a custom solution that fits your needs.

You're in good company

Companies and organizations of every size and shape have already trusted Datylon with their reporting & dataviz needs. 

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