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Powerful data management

Keep your data organized and up to date with ease. Split the work and be more productive together.


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Organize your data and link with one or more charts
Data Sheet Manager

Organize your data

Load and store your xls, xlsx or csv data into the Datylon chart maker and link it with one or more charts in your designs. Manage your data sheets in workbooks and keep everything nicely organized.

Update the data in one or multiple charts easily
DAta Sheet Manager

Update in a snap

Copying a chart? Re-purposing a chart? Last-minute data changes? Datylon allows you to update the data of one and even multiple* charts by the click of a button. 

*Datylon for Illustrator only

Split the work between designers and co-workers

Split the work

Split the work between designers and co-workers. Designers can focus on creating on-brand charts or multi-chart layouts. Others can upload data and use templates to generate new charts, reports and publications.

Supercharge your chart design

Create a Datylon account and get started online or download a 14-day trial version of Datylon for Illustrator. Connect with a Datylon expert for a free demo session. 

Get inspired

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, infographics and presentation slides to give you a taste of what Datylon can do for you.