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One design, multiple outputs. Use, publish or share across apps or channels. Collaborate between design, data & communication.


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Use Datylon charts in editors like Affinity, Figma or Sketch

Use your editor of choice

Datylon documents can be exported as SVG, PNG or PDF. Design crystal clear charts, place them seamlessly into graphic editors like Affinity, Figma or Sketch and create appealing, user friendly dashboards or apps.

Import Datylon charts in your Powerpoint or Google slides presentations

Create captivating presentations

Bring the right message across using Datylon charts. Import them as SVG or PNG in Powerpoint, Google slides or other tools and have your presentation look professional and on-brand.

Easily share Datylon charts online or in social media
publish & Share

Get your charts noticed

Charts matter! They reinforce the message and are able to make a real impact. In the Datylon web app, charts can be shared online by url or embedded code on your website, and of course via social media. 

Datylon for Illustrator supports CMYK or spot colors

The power of print

Many reports are still printed. Datylon for Illustrator supports CMYK color mode or spot colors enabling on-brand color consistency.

Supercharge your report design

Create a Datylon account and get started online or download a 14-day trial version of Datylon for Illustrator. Connect with a Datylon expert for a free demo session. 

Get inspired

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, infographics and presentation slides to give you a taste of what Datylon can do for you.