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Advanced styling options

Enjoy full freedom of design. Tweak all chart elements to perfection and stay on brand.

Enjoy full freedom of design. Tweak all chart elements to perfection and stay on brand.

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Text styling

Fonts and more

Customize any chart label or text object in your designs with detailed type and paragraph settings. Datylon for Illustrator allows you to use virtually all your installed fonts. In our online chart maker, you can choose from 30 beautiful pre-installed fonts.

Fully customize the styling of your charts
Styling properties

Fully customizable charts

All elements like labels, data marks and axes can be styled to the smallest graphic detail matching the most demanding design requirements. Background, rounded corner, stroke width, icon type, position, alignment: all tools are at hand to unleash your creativity and get the message across.

Match your brand's style guide in all charts

Always on brand

Each chart element can be colored separately. Carefully crafted dataviz color palettes are available to automatically color multiple categories or series. Custom palettes can be built using Datylon for Illustrator where also CMYK and even spot colors are supported for print output. Gradation, transparency and more can be set to match your brand’s style guide to the pixel.

Data point styling
Data point styling

Highlight what matters

Data visualization is story stelling. Sometimes you need to accentuate or de-emphasize certain topics in your story. That's why every relevant property of a data point can be changed individually, allowing you to highlight the gems in your data.

Supercharge your chart designs

Create a Datylon account and get started online or download a 14-day trial version of Datylon for Illustrator. Connect with a Datylon expert for a free demo session. 

Get inspired

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, infographics and presentation slides to give you a taste of what Datylon can do for you.