Datylon for Illustrator

Bring your report designs to the next level. Engaging, pixel-perfect, and on-brand. Without coding.


Design captivating reusable reports

Datylon for Illustrator is the only plug-in that helps you design even the most complex, pixel-perfect charts for your data-rich reports. One-off or reusable. Right within Adobe Illustrator®.


Publish charts & reports with ease

Either export designs directly from Illustrator, place them in Adobe InDesign layouts or upload them as templates to Datylon Report Studio for others to edit data and produce periodic reports.

Quick return on investment

The low step-in cost, the increased efficiency, and the all-in-one toolbox make Datylon for Illustrator the most valuable tool to create one-off or periodic reports. And if needed, grow into a fully automated solution without the need to re-design your report templates. 

Save time with customizable charts

Diversify your report with a collection of beautiful data visualizations. Select from 130+ chart templates that are ready to be stylized. Merge charts together into exciting visuals. Build your own custom library of on-brand charts for reuse. Without coding.

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Widest range of applications

Datylon offers the perfect toolset to create the widest range of data-rich documents efficiently. From single charts, infographics, and dashboards, to large multi-page reports with hundreds of charts.

Start creating your own data stories

Unlimited styling properties

Experience the full freedom of design! All chart elements can be styled to the smallest detail: labels, data marks, axes... Data-driven styling can be applied to facilitate re-usability or automation. Anything can be set to align your report design with the brand’s style guide.

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One-click data updates

All charts in your reports can be easily updated with new data in the blink of an eye. Upload data from a file (.xls, .xlsx and .csv) or link to an online data source (Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel) and keep everything nicely organized in the data manager.

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Hook in on Adobe Creative Cloud

Work seamlessly with InDesign. For extensive paginated reports, import your Datylon charts in InDesign while keeping those charts up to date in Illustrator. Import Illustrator files with Datylon charts in After Effects and create animated charts in minutes.

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Report design ideas and templates

Whether you're looking for inspiration or a pre-designed template to get started, we've got you covered. Browse through our Inspiration gallery of reports and data stories templates. Easily download the design and edit it in Illustrator.