Designing charts can be a challenge. We want to help and inspire you with expert knowledge and practical advice.

To click or not to click: static vs. interactive charts

So, you've decided that your presentation, article, or thesis needs some data visualization. And...

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Do you speak dataviz?

Are you a newcomer to the data visualization world? Or are you struggling with some terms in data...

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Do you speak data?

Are you interested in telling data stories with data visualizations? But your data language can...

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5 inspiring data visualization galleries

If designed with care and preparation, data visualization can immensely improve viewers’...

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80 types of charts & graphs for data visualization (with examples)

Ask any dataviz expert and they will tell you there aren’t many things as annoying as the wrong...

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The survival rates of chess pieces in a divergent visualization

Recently I wrote a ‘deep dive’ blog post about bar charts. The bar chart is used often because of...

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9 types of data visualization

When somebody asks me about my profession and I tell them that I’m a data visualization designer,...

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