Illustrator chart plugin

A powerful chart maker plugin for graphic & dataviz designers to create engaging, beautiful, on-brand graphs & data stories.

Intuitive & easy-to-install plugin for Adobe Illustrator®.

14-day free trial included (no credit card). 

Advanced styling options to tweak all chart elements.

120+ chart templates in Datylon's Chart Library


130+ chart templates

Adobe Illustrator's built-in graph tool provides you with only 9 graph types. In Datylon, you can choose from more than 130 chart templates to get you started. You can then fully customize it to your liking. Or create your own chart!

Discover all charts in our Illustrator chart plugin
Easily organize your data by loading and storing it in the pie chart maker


Organize & manage data

Keep your data organized and up to date with ease. Split the work and be more productive together. Load and store your xls, xlsx or csv data file into the Datylon chart maker. Manage your data sheets in workbooks and keep everything nicely organized.

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Design once, use often and collaborate


Design once, use often

Reduce production time considerably by re-using or re-purposing the charts you created. Build your own collection of on-brand chart templates and feed them with new data by the click of a button to create new charts. Easily adapt those charts to fit a new design or layout. All this saves you loads of time and helps teams to stay on brand.

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Datylon for Illustrator

Getting started with our Illustrator chart plugin is very simple! You can join our platform for free. It only takes a few seconds to sign up. After that, you can easily download & install the plugin.

The 14-day free trial will then start automatically!

Get inspired to design charts

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, and infographics to give you a taste of what our chart plugin for Illustrator can do for you.

Good to know (FAQ)

Here are a few important things to note about Datylon.
If you still have questions, you can check out our Help Center.
What are the system requirements?

In short, if you run Adobe CC 2021 (25.x), you're safe. Otherwise, find more info here.

Is there a free version of Datylon for Illustrator?

You can try Datylon for Illustrator for 14 days. After that trial period, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. Or you are welcome to use our free Datylon online chart maker here. See also more info on our pricing page. 

How can I buy Datylon for Illustrator?

Create a Datylon account by clicking on one of the "Get started" or "Try it out" buttons on our website. Once signed in, click "Buy now".  Find more info about the different pricing plans in our pricing page. 

How can I automatically renew my subscription?

By default, the automatic renewal option is enabled. Find more info here to change the settings. 

How can I purchase multiple subscriptions for my team?

For multiple annual subscriptions, please contact us here.

Can I use Datylon for Illustrator with multiple Adobe IDs?

Not really. A Datylon for Illustrator license is based on a unique combination of your Datylon account and your Adobe ID. So once you have activated the trial or a subscription, the Adobe ID cannot be changed anymore. In case you do wish to change the Adobe ID, please contact us here

Can I use custom fonts in my charts?

Datylon For Illustrator supports most fonts available in Adobe Illustrator. See more info here. For specific font related requests, do not hesitate to contact us

What happens to my charts when I cancel my subscription expires.

No worries! Your charts can be edited as standard Illustrator objects. See more info here

On how many computers can I install Datylon for Illustrator?

Datylon for Illustrator can be installed on two devices with the same Adobe ID and Datylon account. See more info here.

Where can I find more info on Datylon for Illustrator?

In our Help Center, you can find articles and tutorials about most features and how they work. And if there is a question unanswered, just contact us using chat or this link

What about my privacy?

We take data security and privacy issues very seriously. Please check our privacy policy to learn more.

Is my data secure?

We store your data and visualizations in the Illustrator .ai files you edit. Your data and visualizations are not sent over the internet and the .ai file will be the only place where your data and visualizations are stored which means you have full data security control.

We need an internet connection to validate and activate your Datylon for Illustrator license when you start using Datylon for Illustrator for the first time. Thereafter no internet connection is needed any more and Datylon for Illustrator will function without internet connection till your license expires after which a new license check over the internet is needed.

If you save your data, charts or designs on Datylon's online dataviz platform, it will belong only to your account and you will have full control over it. We will treat your data as confidential while our system keeps all online user data in secure servers.

If you publish a project on our online dataviz platform, it can be accessed through a direct link with a unique ID. If you want to make sure nobody finds your visualizations, keep them unpublished and download them as PDFs, SVGs or images for private use.