Dataviz within Adobe Illustrator: the results (part 1 of 3)

With a goal to dive deeper into the growing need for smarter dataviz solutions within Illustrator, we recently posted an online questionnaire.

And the people (n=244) have spoken! Scroll on down to check out the results. 

We've also spent some time looking into what we learned from reviewing all the responder comments - keep an eye out for the upcoming post on those specifics.

Dataviz in Illustrator: Survey Results

You may be surprised to see that most of the respondents are Dataviz Professionals and Graphic Designers. This is because it’s the specific network that we focused our efforts on promoting the survey too.

The roles listed in 'Other' correspond with the trend that dataviz and chart-making experience is becoming more of an expectation in a wider variety of roles.

Unsurprisingly, Graphic Designers all use Illustrator. What is interesting to see though is that most respondents supplement this Illustrator with 2-3 (sometimes more!) tools for data visualization.

The less programming “skills” an individual possesses, the more they request better graphing tools in Illustrator.

Respondent comments are almost unanimous: Illustrator generally has too many limitations for advanced graphing. So, “Definitely Yes”, most want better charting tools available. More about this in an upcoming post!

Most wanted: Sankey & Treemap; both of which will be available very soon within the Datylon Graph plug in. Also look out for more on the Sankey vs. Alluvial topic!

The survey is still available to complete if you wish, we are still using the results to enrich our dataviz offering. Your comments can certainly make a difference to the solutions we bring to you.