Hey, hi, hello.

Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to Datylon’s first diary entry!

We’re starting this blog to inspire, share and offer help on all things “dataviz”.

It’s certainly no secret that data is part of almost everything we now do. Our belief is that when we start to communicate using data and when more people understand what it shows, then real change can begin to occur. With this in mind, our game plan is that articles will link back to this guiding principle.

We’ll certainly be learning and adapting our approach along the way based on what you (our readers) are wanting, but to get us started we plan to write on topics based around:

  • The projects and products we deliver and how they offer innovative solutions in a data-rich world  
  • The case for dataviz and why it’s so important, along with examples of dataviz in practice
  • Helpful tips, resources and support on dataviz in general, as well as with our products
  • Sprinkled with a little about ourselves – who makes up the Datylon team and what are we all about

If there’s anything specific you want to hear or know more about, then please get in touch via info@datylon.com at any point. Along with always loving to hear from fellow datavizzers, we want to make sure we are providing you with interesting and thought-provoking stuff within our ramblings.

Nice to have you along for the ride!

The team at Datylon