News: How Datylon helps to make the City of Antwerp more sparkling.

Datylon has been awarded by the city of Antwerp the project to build an IoT platform for remote monitoring and control of the city’s public fountains. This custom built IoT platform is being developed in close cooperation with our partner, Control & Protection NV.

The objectives of this project are to decrease maintenance, reduce water waste and of course increase up-time so residents and visitors of the beautiful city of Antwerp can enjoy even more the public fountains spread around town.

One of the first fountains which will be connected is “the deep fountain” located centrally outside the entrance to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. The Deep Fountain by Spanish sculptress Cristina is more of a spring than a fountain. It fills and empties in a cycle of approximately an hour and represents time and tides, coming and going.

It seems that passers-by are attracted by the relaxing rhythm of the gentle ebb and flow of the water. I wonder if visitors will be even more drawn to this piece of art if they know what kind of innovation is located below water level…

Stay tuned on the progress in later blogs.
See a related article in Dutch by the Flemish Department of Innovation here.