Designing charts can be a challenge. We want to help and inspire you with expert knowledge and practical advice.

A deep dive into... dot plots

First things first: let’s start by clearing up some terminology. Chart naming always triggers a...

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How to best tell the story behind confronting data

When you find the time and have the skills, setting up your own data visualization project is one...

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A deep dive into... heatmaps

Chart types can sometimes be summarized into one iconic example. Think about the global warming...

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A deep dive into... pie charts

I have often said that pie charts are the Comic Sans of data communication, but over the last few...

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Bar Charts 101. Tips and suggestions for your next bar chart.

Simple on the surface, the faithful bar chart is often one of the first introductions we get to...

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Another 4 ways to present bar charts

We all love reading Andy’s blog posts here at Datylon. In the latest one, we even felt a bit...

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