PRODUCT overview

Datylon Chart Maker  

Enjoy full design freedom while greatly improving productivity.


For designers and business users

Our dataviz platform helps both designers and business users to easily create and share beautiful, on-brand charts. No coding skills required. 

Made with design at heart

We believe that carefully designed charts are essential to make an impact with data. Datylon gives you a chart design tool with powerful styling properties equal to none. 

Use online or as a plug-in for Illustrator

Supercharge your own chart designs. Use our free online chart maker or install our chart maker plug-in Datylon for Illustrator. 

Datylon chart maker: create, upload & update data, share and export charts

All-in-one solution

A powerful data visualization workbench to create and share stunning charts.

Chart library

Jumpstart from one of our 120+ chart templates and express exactly the message you want to bring across.

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Advanced styling 

Enjoy full freedom of design with our advanced styling options. Tweak all chart elements to perfection and stay on-brand.

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Re-use & collaborate

Save time and re-use or re-purpose charts with new data. Discover how charts adapt automatically in a smart way. 

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Data management

Import, update, store and manipulate the data in an organized way speeding up the chart design process.

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Data-driven styling

Apply color and style properties automatically based on data. Speed up production and let the data talk.

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Export & publish

Use your charts in other applications and channels. Easily share and improve the impact of your communication.

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Datylon for Illustrator

Advanced data visualization right within Adobe Illustrator! Use our extension for Illustrator and boost your dataviz power with an extra set of unrivalled chart design features.

Datylon inside

Build charts with the Datylon chart maker and add annotations, titles and illustrations using Adobe’s most powerful linework toolbox.

Uplift your productivity

Leverage Illustrator and color multiple charts at once. Either in RGB, CMYK or spot colors. Place multiple charts on a single artboard and update them in one click. 

Integrated Adobe workflow

Import your Datylon charts in Indesign while keeping them up to date in Illustrator. Or place your charts in After Effects for animation. 

Supercharge your chart designs

Create a Datylon account and get started online or download a 14-day trial version of Datylon for Illustrator. Connect with a Datylon expert for a free demo session.
enterprise PLAN

Enterprise dataviz solutions

Unlimited flexibility and power to meet the most challenging needs of your chart design and production workflow. From group licenses to tailored made solutions and support. 
Boost your enterprise charting workflow with Datylon solutions

Empower your team

Unlock the full power of Datylon for your teams with SLA’s, first prio support and bespoke training.

Tailored to your workflow

Use our API and single sign-on (SSO) to integrate Datylon seamlessly in your workflow. On-premise and private-cloud deployments possible.


We offer custom development, integration and design services to further optimize your workflow.

Want your own custom solution? 

Talk to one of our solution architects to analyse your requirements and design a custom solution fit for your needs.

Trusted by companies all over the world

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Get inspired

We have created a wide variety of charts, reports, data stories, infographics and presentation slides to give you a taste of what Datylon can do for you. 


What are the system requirements?

System requirements for both the Datylon webapp as Datylon for Illustrator can be found here.

Can I use Datylon for Illustrator offline?

Yes, you can. Besides a one time short online connection to activate the license key, Datylon for Illustrator can be used offline.

Do you provide support?

Yes. Every Datylon subscription includes support and software updates during the active subscription period. Learn more here.

What is the difference between the Datylon web app and Datylon for Illustrator?

The Datylon web app allows you to build single charts to share online, or to export to graphic editors. Datylon for Illustrator is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator designed to create multiple charts in a layout. Templates made with Datylon for Illustrator can be updated with new data in the web app.