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An online chart maker to create and publish pixel-perfect, beautiful charts & graphs.
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Make charts beautiful again

Datylon Online is a powerful online chart editor. With styling options equal to none, you can perfectly customize your charts, making them on-brand and beautiful. No coding skills needed!


Step up to Datylon Report Studio

You can use Datylon Online to design individual charts. But this chart editor is also part of something bigger - Datylon Report Studio, where you and your team can produce complex and periodic reports with ease.

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Beautify the boring, without coding.

Datylon Online is a chart maker that allows you to create and share beautiful and impactful charts for your various projects and different media.

130+ chart templates

Choose from a growing collection of carefully crafted chart types to get you started faster. Edit and optimize them to the smallest detail and meet your design requirements.

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Update your charts in a snap

Import data from a file (.xls, .xlsx and .csv) or link to an online data source (Google Sheets, OneDrive XLS) and update your charts with new data in one click. Manage your data sheets in workbooks and keep everything nicely organized.

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Data-driven styling

Let your data drive the look & feel of your chart. Style series and data points with ease. Bind the colors, shapes, strokes, size, radius, and label text to your data, empowering the reusability of your charts.

Create impressive and engaging charts

Export, publish, embed or share with ease

Download your chart as PDF, PNG, or SVG and place it seamlessly into presentation slides or graphic editors. Or embed it in external apps and websites. Use, publish, or share your chart effectively with your audience, anywhere you want.

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Create data stories with Datylon

Build engaging data visualizations with Datylon. Use your charts in other applications and channels. Improve the impact of your communication.