Let us hear it!

We want to gather your opinions about creating data visualizations, particularly if you’re using Adobe Illustrator.

Our Datylon Graph product is being made with designers and dataviz professionals at its core. With this, we want to ensure that the available functionality offered is tailored specially to your needs.

The request.

We ask you to take 5 minutes to complete 12 multichoice questions in our online product needs assessment. Overall results can be shared with you if you’d like (people that work with data are often very curious creatures after all) and if you complete during this month (January) you can also put yourself in with the chance to win a 50USD Amazon gift card as a small thank you for your time. 

So go on, let your voice be heard and help us create something that fits the growing need for a professional dataviz solution right within Adobe Illustrator.

To the product needs assessment.