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A collaborative supply chain platform for sharing and visualizing data in real-time.
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The retail supply chain has seen limited optimization in recent years. Pro Alliance saw the typical silo-focused solutions only allowed for local-level optimization at best. Due to the perception that it was too difficult for data collection, stakeholder comprehension and informed collaboration to exist, the industry remained relatively unoptimized. As a result it was missing out on some huge gains.


Focusing on a method of horizontal inclusive collaboration, Pro Alliance developed a platform for data sharing and cleansing, and visualized this in a way that allowed all stakeholders in the supply chain to easily detect optimization opportunities at a global level. The platform allows users to easily monitor what’s going on and proactively take action accordingly. 


With suppliers, retailers, carriers and stores all able to access the same insights, supply chain processes can see benefits of speed and efficiency, lower costs, transparency and agility for all stakeholders. But if you’re after real world evidence, how does less trucks on the road sound? Pro Alliance are just getting started.