Project Mahi

A custom interactive dashboard with live data from an autonomous drone boat crossing the Atlantic.
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Project Mahi is the initiative to send an autonomous vessel across the Atlantic - not something you see every day! Actually not something human kind has seen at all, yet. Onboard the boat there will be sensors generating and delivering a constant flow of data via a satellite link, but how will the team keep an overview, monitor and analyze all of that data?


Datylon provided a custom dashboard with interactive and live visualizations from all sensors onboard. Data from matters such as battery levels, voyage positioning, vessel angles, environmental data and even photographs are accessible for anyone to explore within the online dashboard.


Mahi has the ability to measure basic atmospheric and oceanographic parameters over vast areas of the world's oceans. This provides valuable data allowing for study and further understanding of our oceans and global climate. Mahi of the future has the potential to change operations in a vast number of ways such as being deployed to inspect eco-sensitive marine regions, crucial parts in offshore wind turbine parks or other hard to reach stretches of the sea. It could autonomously chart preprogramed coastal regions, or just simply help to optimize transportation. This is just a taste of the applications if an autonomous Mahi vessel in the future.