A dataviz twist on Halloween.

Halloween, a holiday all about scary things and, in the world of dataviz, there's not much deemed spookier than a 3D pie chart - if this is news for you then see what we mean by that claim here, here, and here

With this in mind, we thought we'd take a ghastly chart that we happened across and spend a short moment turning it into something that is more of a treat for your eyes. We did this applying some basic dataviz principles while testing our own Datylon Graph tool that we'll be launching the Beta for very soon. If you want to be part of testing the Beta make sure you sign up so we can let you know when it is available. 

One thing we do want to stress before you read on is that we don't believe the data behind this chart is authoritative - for this exercise we only focussed on the visual presentation and not the numbers.

So without further ado here's the before and afters: 



Two improvements we want to particularly highlight:

  1. Take a look at Batman, Spiderman, and Witch proportions in the pie. You will see that Spiderman and Witch (both at 11%) look larger than Batman (at 13%) this makes it misleading in comparison to our ordered bar chart which clearly displays the results.
  2. Now let’s consider the use of colour. In the pie there doesn’t seem to be any system to the range of colours applied to segments, it is distracting and adds no value to what the chart is communicating. By practising restraint and taking a simple approach to the use of colour results can be displayed clearly without unnecessary clutter.

We'll be diving into helpful chart making tips, with much more detail on colour application and simplified formatting in upcoming posts. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks (or treats!) that we believe will help to turn your charts into killer visualizations. 

Happy Halloween!